Leadership Style Index ™

The Leadership Style Index is a derivative of the CPQ which was developed by Dr. Larry Craft, a behavioural scientist with over 28 years experience in the employment testing and development industry.  In 2002 Leadership Styles Ltd, a leader in Management & Leadership Development partnered with Dr. Craft and CraftSystems to develop the Leadership Dimensions concept. 

The Leadership Style Index (LSI) measures eight primary and numerous secondary and interactive traits.  These psychological traits are referred to as “personality scales” when used in Leadership development and coaching. 

The Leadership Style Index questionnaire is a factor analytically derived assessment of personality traits known to be predictive of leadership performance. It gives excellent independent feedback that measures primary leadership style.  It gives coaching tips on how to stretch to the different styles of other leaders or team members.  It also gives improvement recommendations on the eight basic leadership traits.


  • Goal-orientation (Go)
  • Detail-orientation (Do)
  • Social Drive (Sd)
  • Need to Nurture (Nn)
  • Social Confidence (Sc)
  • Skepticism (Sk)
  • Good Impression (Gi)
  • Need for Control (Nc)

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